Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I've been Reading: Rangers Series by John Flanagan

Product DetailsProduct DetailsCurrently I've been reading the Rangers series by John Flanagan. The source of the books is one of my nephews and its selection has been due to it being available and being intrigued  by the book, to continue reading it, after picking it up and starting in the centre of it. The series is on the adventures of a boy who is into adolescence who did not know his parentage at a time when your parentage determined your outlook and to some extent your outcome in life.  As an adult I have been reading books written for children which can stimulate their thinking on life's issues and to some extent those types of books have been what shaped my thinking to sone extent, so that
reading Mr. Pink Whistle by Enid Blyton led to an appreciation of Harry Potter as an adult. The appreciation was not for the spells and all of the purported things to be aware of as a good Christian, nor for the power on the subconscious, but for the use of the imagination. There was also appreciation for the changes in the characters over the series of the books, their constancy as well as their evolution, the role of other characters who were seemingly unimportant to the main theme, but who had a role to play. Call me naive and simplistic, but sometimes the qualities which  the characters display, add more to the stimulation of the brain than all of the spells and charms. Comparing the books to the movies, I realised that some of the qualities which enthrall me in the books are not what  are highlighted in the movies as the movies are geared towards an audience and an age group. Also while you can read a book many times and see a different perspective with each reading, with a movie that may be difficult to achieve. Maybe I lack visual stimulation.

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