Wednesday, 3 April 2013

100th Post Published

Realising that I was reaching a milestone of the 100th post to be published, I was trying to determine what I would write about and the initial topic which was selected last night,  flew out of my head. However after a day spent trying to recall the nature of the topic, I realised that there were other things which  I would like to convey to all of the readers:

  • Thank you for reading the posts. Many times I was in a state of disbelief over the number of visits to the blog, as well as what was of interest to persons who read the blogs. There was never a plan to the posts which were written, they were just information in the form of accounting knowledge, thoughts and opinions, photos which I wanted to capture in a form which was accessible to others and myself in the future. The purpose of capturing the information was partly to grow, deal with challenges and move on where possible, although that was not the original intention. One of the things which I have realised is that I may never be proficient in most of the areas where I excelled previously and that is a challenge which I will have to live with.
  • I have tried not to provide advice on situations which impact on persons' lives, as that is a flaw which I have been trying to work on, with little success.  Instead, I will try to provide options or assist with dealing with the choices which were selected.
  • I would like to continue writing, and the second hundred posts may not be as interesting or arrive as quickly as the first hundred did (roughly over a period of four months). After all, I had photos  of places where I worked or visited which were easily accesible on Facebook, there were many accounting topics which I could write about which were the source of agony at the time and there were all of the emotional things which I worked through. Praying will continue in some form or the other, hopefully.
  • Again, thanks for reading, I hope it was an enjoyable experience for you also.

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