Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I am happy

I am happy when I get through a day filled with surprising perplexities.

I am happy when  I look back at a day and all I could see was what did not go right, and today I can see some of what went well in those same circumstances.

I am happy when I look at a church which is being renovated and I get excited each time I pass by it, eagerly awaiting its reopening, because I want to see the inside of the church with the beautiful stained glass windows. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Holy-Rosary-Restoration-Fund/289076157774868
Yes, revisiting the church will be bittersweet, as one of my friends who told me about the Masses which were held at a lunch time, has now passed on.
I am happy when I +Google   the name of a churcch and I see articles which would have been lost, if they had not been posted to the internet.   See the following links and excepts. http://sputnick.com/angela/st_patricks_church.htm;

"Fr. (Abbé) Francis de Ridder, a 'free coloured' Catholic priest spoke up against the additional church fees and the marriage licence rules, stating that their combined effect was to make the total cost of getting married beyond the reach of the poor. His efforts were unsuccessful and this brought him into conflict with both the Catholic Church hierarchy and, importantly, Governor Woodford.

In 1829 Abbé Francis de Ridder, mentioned above, purchased land that the the Rosary Church and schools currently stand on. At the time when the governor, Sir Ralph Woodford, was imposing restrictions upon the 'coloured' population. In the struggle for justice that ensued, the site of the Holy Rosary Church was the 'free coloured' headquarters in Port-of-Spain."

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