Monday, 30 January 2017

Originally posted on Facebook -Planning Tip - Jan 29, 2017 - Understanding Upcoming Challenges

Here is a post which I did on Facebook in an attempt to allow persons to think creatively. 

"Over the next two months in Trinidad and Tobago, there are public holidays and or major events which are identified as occurring at the end of each month, Carnival Mon & Tues - Feb 27 & 28, 2017 & March 30, 2017. For those with bills to produce based on reports or deliveries which are time sensitive or other deadlines which are time sensitive or who would like to enjoy some of the weekend events, I would suggest:
1 Persons identify what needs to be done in a specific way as possible and in writing (with a copy being kept for their file).  Share this information with everyone as early as possible with updates being done as needed. This will assist newcomers to the organisation to:
~ Understand exactly what they need to do to meet their deliveries with as little disruption as possible.
~Jump in to assist in an effective way so that they can use their skills in a way that they use their knowledge, yet develop new knowledge and skills.
2 Create "in house scheduled time outs" for everyone. This will allow everyone to retain some of their energy for later in the day. This is critical as during these times, there is more traffic on the road, things appear to take longer to get done and without realising it, we may not enjoy ourselves.
3 At mid point from today,  create a list of the deliveries or other critical events of the Dept or company or team (which may not be on target), circulate it to everyone and ask for assistance. This will allow persons to understand that they may be able to assist and allow them to volunteer in ways that they can choose, so that there is a win win for everyone. 
4 Advise everyone that there is room for feedback every day or week and at the end of the quarter, just try to put it in writing (as well as talking) so that:
~Everyone can keep track of their contributions.
~Things can get cleared up in a positive way, prior to the end of the period or the start of the formal feedback period and things can change.
5 Consider hiring additional persons on a part time basis to assist in areas where there may be a need should someone have an emergency. This will assist:
~When critical persons call in sick, such as the Telephone Operator or the person who makes the payments at the Board of Inland Revenue or the National Insurance Board.
~ When there is an urgent bill to be done and no one knows how to use the scanner.
6 Consider shifting internal billing periods to allow for processing of bills by third parties and to receive payments in a time which suits everyone.
7 Thank every one." 

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