Friday, 27 January 2017

Originally Posted on Facebook: - Planning and Development Tip - Jan 27, 2017 - 001 Practice of Skills and Use of Knowledge

Every so often I try to incorporate areas of learning from other times in my life and bridge my skills of today with my skills and knowledge from the past... So with this perspective I decided to write about one of my observations from a walk which I would take off the beaten track.
In writing the observation, I decided to try to:
Develop the information to act as a possible case study for a Master's in Business Administration Programme module,
Build some writing skills (I had to hand write the information to retain my speed of writing and other skills) and
I also decided to type the Observation in Word, using a Table of Contents format and double spacing to retain and develop the practice of my Microsoft Office skills.
After those practices,over a period of a week with lots of breaks I was able to both write and type the information,  I now have a nice document which I printed, with date and time mind you.
This exercise was very useful in that:
I was able to retain the discipline of sitting in one place without breaks except for urgent needs (at times), which is a skill which is required for the office environment.
In writing I relied on my memory to document what I saw.
In typing I developed some of the points and I applied other 'Word" skills such as linking within the document.
I was able to see where I was in terms of my commitment to learning and its ability to contribute to my future.
So here is my challenge for you:
Use your camera or walk with your notebook, take a break, either write and then type or create a document on some observation.
Understand that the process will take a bit of time because life is important to you and you may need to deal with family and other commitments.
Depending on where you are at, try to do at least one essay a month where you use a variety of skills to create something which will keep you mentally challenged.
This may be your future income earner or your mind saver!!! :) I hope it is enjoyable.

P.S. My observation was of a construction site, which is located near to a cemetery  which I had written about using research skills in Wikipedia. 

In hindsight I had attempted to develop some of the skills earlier by writing and including photos on the topic of growing cassava... I now have to find that document

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