Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cash Flow Arrangements - Jan 7, 2017

Today my mom and I visited a Pennywise Outlet. For those who do not know, Pennywise sells hair products, creams, soaps, body washes and other toiletries, vitamins, all in different sizes and brands to suit different pockets.

Now, depending on the time in the month, there is a different crowd in the store.  There is the end of month crowd, the early month crowd, the middle of the month I ran out of something crowd or the I am changing my cycle of shopping crowd. So  much so, that you can meet different persons each time you shop. 

Many times there are pricing specials which can be beneficial, once you are prepared to purchase more than one of the product or the prices are just right for you or they meet the "I need to get this done and this is the fastest way to do so".

A product line on which there are frequently good prices and specials is toothpaste. Today I had a difficult time in deciding whether to buy three purse size tubes of toothpaste of a brand which I did not normally use, which were offered as a "buy 2, get one free" as compared to my regular herbal toothpaste which has myrrh, chamomile, eucalyptus which was also on a buy two and get one free. Aside from differences in brands, taste, there was the difference in the size of the tube of toothpaste and the price... The price of the purse size buy two and get one free was around TT$12.00 and that was just within the amount of funds which I wanted to spend.... The other special, while it was a good buy, was not necessarily the best buy for me at this time as I wanted to try other options with some products that I use frequently...  However if I keep this practice up, I may end up with some cash in hand at some point in time which will suit me in the long term....
Update at February 17, 2017:

Those toothpastes while lovely to look at. contained alcohol, so they were not quite right for me....

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