Sunday, 8 January 2017

Originally posted on Facebook - Curriculum Vitae - Jan 8, 2017

Everyone tends to have opinions on topics on which they are the outsider to a field.... Now, one of my major "topics" is Curriculum Vitae or resume or job application documents... The experts weigh in and ask that you showcase your skills in such a way that you are either a fit for the job or not; software is used to scan the CV"s and phrases are identified and persons are short listed...
On the other hand, I consider the CV to be a representation of the person I am hiring. I think that as far as possible your income will match the details on the CV. So if you are blogging about gardening and there is a garden, the gardening may not reach the CV, however the blogging is listed there as a possible source of income and as an interest, or what is being done during other periods. So here is what I suggest:
  1. If you are investing in stocks and shares on the side in a company as you have a passion for that type of thinking, then include 'Investing Officer - part time - Company Y and the period for which you held the position. I think that once income was generated, skills gained, then include the information or vice versa.
  2. Don't rely on oral representations which are to be documented by another person and may not stand up to scrutiny after the fact.

So don't tell me, that my CV was not a one pager and I do not have relevant experience when some of the activities were classified differently because I worked in another "era" to put it nicely.

Go the extra mile, develop yourself and be fair to persons.... Let us stop putting some parts of our job requirements as the last, quickest thing that we do.

If we all get on the same page with the way we function, then less time will be spent in cleaning up and more time will be spent in doing valuable work...

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