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Here is some of the information which I have entered on Wikipedia under the country heading Grenada...

There are many different topics which are included in Grenada and have  been created in Wikipedia, some of which may have been edited or have had information added to it. 
The editing may consist of breaking up some of the writings into sub headings or adding to the information to develop the section as persons from different backgrounds and interests have entered information on the pages and this is an attempt at expanding the information or to assist in "quick finds" on topics.
One of the important requirements with regard to this type of "data entry" is that you provide a link to the source of the information. 
Verification of the information may take place at some point in time, however many persons do not provide feedback or there may not be any space for this type of information or perhaps I have not discovered it as yet. However here it is:

"The Double Taxation Relief (CARICOM) Treaty 1994

On July 6, 1994 at Sherbourne Conference Centre, St. Michael, Barbados  representative of the Government of Grenada George Brizan signed the Double Taxation Relief (CARICOM) Treaty.

Representatives of seven other countries signed the Treaty on that day. The countries which were represented were: Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago.

Another country signed the agreement on August 18, 1994 (Guyana). This treaty covered taxes, residence, tax jurisdictions, capital gains, business profits, interest, dividends, royalties and other areas.

Organic Cocoa & Chocolate Bars

There are also working cocoa estates such as Crayfish Bay Organic Farm which offers self catering accommodation.
In a Facebook Post of November/December 2016, there was a request for crowdfunding to replace damaged chocolate grinders for the Crayfish Bay Organic Farm.  This is an innovative way to fund socially conscious ventures which can be marketed online.
According to the Pump Street Bakery website, they are the producers of the "single estate Crayfish Bay bar" from beans which are produced on the estate.  They (Pump Street Bakery) are also engaged in fair trade with the workers of the estate with respect to the "production of wet cacao and other produce of the farm".
According to the website House of Chocolate, there is a "House of Chocolate" which is a mini museum portraying the history of chocolate which one can visit.

Green Efforts & Historical Sites

According to its website, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is one the resorts which has engaged in environmentally friendly activities, some of which are listed on its site. Their efforts with respect to "environmental activities are audited each year" and the resort is "Green Globe Certified".
Another eco friendly place is Crayfish Bay Organic Farm, which is a "two hundred (200) year old, fifteen (15) acre estate" and has been termed a "back to basics" and "off the beaten track" location. [30] Formerly a "French Molasses factory" in the seventeenth (17th) century, there are artifacts which are still visible according to its website. The price of the vacation is quite economical and can appeal to those who would like to meditate or indulge in writing.

Other Events in Grenada which are historical or significant to the economy of Grenada

Annual Budget Marine Spice Island BillFish Tournament
In 2017, this tournament will be entering its 48th year of existence. The Tournament lasts for four days and in 2017 it starts on Jan 21.
Grenada Sailing Festival Work Boat Regatta  This event starts in January and lasts for a few days. From the photos on the website Grenada Sailing Festival, it appears that the style of the race is similar to that of the Olympic event.
Island Water World Sailing Week. As its name suggests, this event lasts for a week and in 2017 will be held towards the end of January into February. This event is similar to the America Cup which is hosted upon agreement or calling out.
Assisting as a volunteer in these type of events may foster teamwork, develop young adults, bridge the age gap, provide retraining for adults who may be looking at a change in careers. Many of these events stimulate the economy as they attract boats and persons who may need repairs to their boats or who may need to learn new routes to shelter their boats during hurricanes or Inter Tropical Convergence Zones which are weather systems which affect this part of the world for almost half of the year.
According to the website, Island Water World, the Regatta Headquarters will be located at two sites, one on the West coast and one on the south coast. The selection of locations may have been designed to secure the boats in the event that early weather systems are active at that time of the year. 
Other Events
Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival - In 2017 this event enters its seventh year. In 2017 occuring in April, the event lasts for three days, occurs in three venues, however it is classified as one festival according to the pure Grenada website.
Pure Grenada Music Festival In 2017, the Festival is being held in May and will occur shortly after the end of Lent.
Chocolate and Cocoa
In 2017, the Pure Chocolate Festival will be celebrating its fourth year of existence  Some of the activities which have taken place according to the website Grenada Chocolate Festival are visits to the cocoa farms which have been in existence for approximately one hundred years and which are located in rainforests which are ecologically sensitive; dance the cocoa which is a traditional way to separate the skins from the seed of the cocoa or sample cocoa infused cuisine which may have been developed as part of the culture of the country. Some of the marketing and cultivation of cocoa initiatives may have been supported financially by the European Commission.
Some of the estates offer accommodation for a fee.  These visits may allow persons to experience life on a working estate and or life during the harvesting of cocoa or during the creation of chocolate depending on the timing of the visit. Other hotels may offer visits to the cocoa estates, which given the age of their trees and the existence of the crops in the specific areas are of historical significance. 
If you are unable to visit the island during the festival, there is the option to purchase chocolate online via the Choc Exchange where the chocolate is marketed as being "2015 International Chocolate Awards winners".  The initiatives to market "online" chocolates identified as being from Grenada appear to stimulate the sale of a product in a new market and appear to be a new thrust in marketing 

Facilities for Boats

Over the years, several facilities for yachts and other types of boats have been set up in Grenada. Some of these facilities are:

The Moorings,  Clarkes Court Bay Boatyard and Marina,  Grenada Marine, Martin's Marina, Port Louis Marina, Spice Island Marina Services Co Limited, The Grenada Yacht Club, Safe Yachts Grenada WI's.


One of the subsidiaries of Republic Bank Financial Holdings Limited, a company which is quoted on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange is located in Grenada. "

Here is a link to the post in Wikipedia if you are interested in reading more on the island, its history and most importantly accessing the links to the web sites which support the information which I have posted above.

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