Saturday, 17 December 2016

Originally posted on Facebook via a link from Tasty- Hot mixes

Some years ago when I was in a state of transition, studying for final exams ACCA my first attempt, I was given an opportunity to housesit and was able to visit my mom and my sisters at their  home.  I was surprised at how one of my sisters and my mother had changed, in that they started creating their version of hot cocoa /hot coffee mix in their mugs before adding water. The layered coffee, sugar, powdered milk, mixed thoroughly and then added water, stirred briskly and then enjoyed...

There is a bit of history to the above statements... Most of our lives we were tea drinkers, then I left home for a bit...

After some years passed, one of my sisters elected to go to Jamaica to read for her Masters in Library studies at UWI's Mona campus. 

Being godmother to her son and having to look for a place at that time,  I said yes to moving home... to care for him and be with  my mother, 2 of my other sisters who also had children, my brothers and my niece.... Life changed..... Thanks Tasty for reminding me of life then, hot mixes and all.

Update: Thankfully, my sister's son has all grown and I can move on.... :)

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