Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I've been reading: A Taste of Mustique

On a recent visit to the St. James Library, I selected " A Taste of Mustique by Kevi Snook, with Elizabeth Penniman, photography by Sophie Munro and with a foreword by Mick Jagger. Knowing that the Christmas holiday was occurring on a weekend and there would be an extra day's holiday I knew that I would have some time to read over the holiday and I thought that I could manage that book.

This time in the year was not a good "falling of Christmas" for me when I worked  in the church (St. Mary's R.C. Church - R.C. Archdiocese of POS). This "setting of the days" with there being less Masses over the period meant one less collection on a weekend to support the operations of the parish.

Having to send the Christmas collection to the Clergy Pool at the Chancery with the knowledge that the funds were  to support the Clergy during the year was noble. However, there was often a challenge between:
~Counting the collections on time, that is before the start of Masses for the next week and

~Sending off  the cheque prior to the funds being deposited

The challenge was  a balancing act so that  the recording of transactions in the correct period on both sides of  the table could be accomplished. After all a Parish's financial year ends on December 31, however the year end for  the Clergy Pool Fund occurs at another point in the year.  However back to A Taste of Mustique.

This book was published by Macmillan- Caribbean.com in 2007.  The address of this company is listed as Between Towns Road, Oxford, with the book being printed and bound in Thailand.

On the MacMillan website, the book is viewed under St. Vincent and the Grenadines, General Books  Food and Drink. So if you are not familiar with the site or the location of countries you may completely miss out on seeing the book as a search did not reveal the book. I had to drill down on the left side of the  page through country specific titles to locate it. http://www.macmillan-caribbean.com/book.aspx?id=79.

Lucky for me, I saw a  Caribbean Social Studies text on St. Vincent which may prove worthwhile reading or if you have children or adults to teach, you can teach them Social Studies by country to increase their knowledge.... Now if only these books were also available with a CD, that would make life a lot easier. However I will  persevere and keep looking...

Be that as it may "A Taste of Mustique" is good, in that there are introductions and short anecdotes which are witty. I like the following pieces of both Introductions and Anecdotes

School Days are Happy days - Page 14
Ten Days in Mustique   by Rodney and Ouida Touche - Page 49
The Fishermans's Village: Mustique's Freshest Catch - Page 53
Phil's sauces - Page 64
An Island Doctor - Michael Bunbury  Page 69
Take me There  - Caroline Meriwether Schmidt - Page 127
On Checkered Cloth: A Picnic Here, a Picnic There - Page 135
An Encounter - Sir James Mitchell - Page 142

 Many of the  recipes are fairly easy and while I may not be tempted to try all of them, I would try the following:

Roasted Breadfruit - Page 40
West Indian boilene - Page 95

I noted on the inside cover of the book  that a portion of the proceeds  of the sale of this book will go to support the environmental Committee of Mustique Island. This is quite a noble gesture and it encouraged me to have a good look at the book.

I hope that you are tempted to try locating a copy of the book in your Library or if you purchase it after a good read of it, perhaps you can donate it to a Library, it may become someone's coffee table read at Easter....

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