Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Originally posted on Facebook ~ Financial Planning Tip - December 14, 2016 -001 Health, Heart & Time Savings

Some persons have adopted a Meatless Monday strategy as a way to save funds over time or to ease into the week or for health reasons... Some pizza franchises offer a Monday special where one can buy a large pizza and receive a free smaller sized pizza with one topping. This offer suits those who are adopting a Meatless Monday lifestyle as they select all vegetables on their pizza with meat being the topping on the smaller sized "free" pizza which they save for Tuesday... They know that they can add to the "meat" pizza with vegetables from tins (pineapple, mushrooms) from their hurricane stock which they can replenish over time...

For those who adopt a "no meat" for four or five days of the week, they select "meat" on both pizzas using this form of meat as their source of protein (some select chicken as their choice of meat :) )

For some persons this special may be their choice of fun time which may be scheduled for the middle of the month when they need a pick me up.

In large families, both pizzas may be consumed in one night, with that meal being a saving for them as they have scheduled other activities for their other nights of the week and these are their family nights, be it extended or immediate family.

For those who are into "buy one get one free' which is offered by another franchise on a Tuesday or a loyalty card which is offered by another franchise, I will devise and share some financial strategies for you to consider adopting.

If you are already there financially or health wise, then feel free to share your tips on how to get your family home together at one time over a period of time or save or do something for your health.

In the mean time enjoy your pizza, there are public holidays which occur on a Monday at the end of Dec. 2016, and in Feb 2017 so you may find other meals for those nights thus changing your savings pattern.

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