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Originally Edited in Wikipedia - Royal Castle

When I first started  editing in Wikipedia, I was quite cautious about the process, as I was careful with someone's work or opinion and the impact of my changes on "their" stuff.  The following post is reproduced  to show the final post in Wikipedia. It is difficult to separate the start of a sentence which was created by someone else and where I inserted a phrase or provided a heading and using the extraction process may provide information which does not make much sense.  Here is the edited post as at December 26, 2016:

"Royal Castle is a fast food restaurant chain in Trinidad and Tobago.

History and Development of the Restaurant[edit]

It was founded in 1968 with 12 employees on Frederick Street in Port of Spain. It grew to 19 locations with 300 employees over time. It is the only fully locally owned fast food restaurant in Trinidad and Tobago.

Franchises & Branches[edit]

According to the website Franchises began in 1987.
Some of its branches are named or referred to after the location of the street or the area where the outlet has been placed or positioned, such as Frederick Street, Diego Martin, Long Circular Mall, Arima, San Fernando, St Helena, and Rio Claro.[1]

Products, Promotions and Prices[edit]

The restaurant was one of the first establishments to acknowledge the use of seasonings from Paramin in the preparation of its products, such as pepper sauce.
During the year the restaurant offers fried chickenrotisserie chicken or veggie burgers. During Lentfried fish with tartar sauce and fish sandwiches are offered.
The restaurant chain offers sides such as friescoleslaw and potato salad. The sizes of the "sides" which are offered are: regular, upsized, and large.
At various times there are specials where one can purchase combinations of products at "even more attractive prices" or participate in National Lottery Control Board (NLCB) approved promotions.

International Relations or Non Relationships

This restaurant has no relation to the MiamiFlorida-based hamburger chain Royal Castle, launched in 1938 by William Singer."
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P.S. I was quite happy to use these edits and additions to promote my knowledge of Marketing from my MBA without using any of the phrases or direct concepts which are associated with Marketing, however today I gave in to using "Products and Prices", "Positioned".
Also I was quite happy to provide links to a website which showed the background work on companies which are featured on the site and  which is promoted by one of our local recruitment companies.

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