Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Originally posted as a comment on Facebook - Short term Options - Haiti ( Oct 17, 2017)

The following was posted as a comment in response to a notice which was placed on Facebook as to the accounts which have been opened at the various banks in Trinidad and Tobago to receive contributions to support Haiti's after the passing of Hurricane Matthew which created widespread devastation in the island.

"I appreciate the information which was provided, however being opinionated and coming from a different perspective at this time, some of the ways that I would suggest that the people of Haiti be helped are: 

1) Trini's commit to: the purchase of blocks from ANSA McAL/TAP or other local company or the purchase of concrete, rental of cement mixers, steel & other like items to send to Haiti to build Hurricane shelters for medium term use, i.e. over a five year period, as over the next five years Hurricane season will come around sooner than one can blink an eye; P.S. These products may have to be specially formulated; Persons from other countries may commit to supplying like items based on the supplies which are available in their country. In that way, every country grows, as the knowledge required to build shelters, churches to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes may be needed in every Caribbean country going forward . A wise priest, one reminded me that when persons donate for a purpose, that may be the only purpose for which the funds may be used. 
2) Commit to funding the cost of "Traffic Development Plan" for wont of a better word so that there is a structural plan for the country or to revisit the Development Plan in light of the need for Shelters which are Hurricane and Earthquake proof
3) Over the medium to long term, i.e. 5-10 years, consider contributing to funding three (3) story housing units either with two sets of three families to live in areas outside of the Capital over a ten year period. P.S. Am not sure how feasible the sizes of these units would be, in light of the location of the stress points, however on a cost basis, it may make sense.
Update: Oct 18, 2016 8:47 p.m.  A weather system appears to be forming in the Caribbean and is moving up the islands, hence my medium term plan may need to be realized within the short term or in a matter of days to prevent further losses to our neighbours.... The following link was accessed to provide a pictoral image of the cloud cover in the Caribbean at this time: https://www.facebook.com/NWSNHC/photos/pcb.1189499031115575/1189498147782330/?type=3&theater

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