Monday, 3 October 2016

Budget Statement of Trinidad and Tobago - 2017 - Originally posted on Facebook

Here is a link to a copy of Trinidad & Tobago's 2017 Budget Statement.

"In several posts over the last hour, I have pasted extracts from the Statement (citing page numbers and highlighting the extracts with quotation marks) on areas which I consider interesting, such as Taxes, Education, Bonds, Renewable Energy....

It is not that I am not interested in the "big picture or where will we be going or the state of things and lots of areas which persons tend to be concerned about".

Rather I am looking at things that can impact on employment, choice of professions, investing in T&T and investments /changes which persons can make with the intention of having additional cash in their pockets going forward.

I consider these things/ activities as important in attracting persons and generating savings in our economy and country"

Read and enjoy.

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