Monday, 27 February 2017

Planning, Meetings, Delivery - Part II

Here is an update on my foray into a new line of business which was outside of my usual lines...

After completing the work a little early of the agreed date, I prepared my distribution /disbursements vouchers with the following information:

  1. Items which were to be returned to the client - listed by category and dealing with the items according to the headings which were listed on the receipt or receiving document which was issued to the client on day 1.
  2. A list of the files which were created with an estimate of the number of pages per file.
  3. Additional information: This covered the disbursements which were made for which I was to receive reimbursement on the day of delivery.
So how did it go overall? The client expressed satisfaction and I think that the following areas covered his feelings:

  1. He  did not have to make two trips as we had previously agreed.
  2. He was able to view his equipment, see that it was in good working condition.
  3. He was also able to view the files which were created on his equipment
  4. He received prints which he had requested a bit later in the week. This reduced his efforts in what probably was a busy week.
How did I feel?
  1. I was happy to be of service.
  2. I got a time out  to reflect and practice some skills.
  3. I realized that I wanted to play with some of his documents and insert images. However that would have made his work more similar to some of my early posts on my blog where my focus was faith, works of art and the practice of faith. So I resisted the urge...
Will I try this type of work again? Yes, There can be a quick turn around, flexibility to deal with things and try things and the work was interesting....

copyright: Jennifer N Bailey

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