Friday, 24 February 2017

My Note Books and Tracking Things

Currently I use two (2) note books almost every day. One functions almost like a diary or I use it in  place of a diary in that:
  • Most days the times and dates are neatly laid out with the option to either enter things to be done or times which have been booked. Then there is a large space on the page which is used to capture the real things of the day, what happened, or what I needed to remember about the day..
  • Then there are days when I capture what I need to do on the back of an envelope as it  relates to specific do' and then I transfer the information to accomplishments for the day.. Thus on that day, there would be more information being captured to understand what happened today rather than the order of the day..
This is important when I want to savor a "good day" when what may be miniscule to another person is important to me because of the relationship which was involved either one that is building or what it can grow into. When there is something that acted like a positive trigger which I may not want to get into, is captured in the way I document things....

Then there is my "Intellectual Book" where I try to create and document concepts and information to post on Facebook or my blog ""

What is the purpose of the Intellectual Book and how effective is it? There are several purposes to the existence of the Intellectual Book some of which are:
  1. The "Intellectual Book" allows me to have a record of things done and possibly the factors which impact upon my creativity... Thus some times the book can be used to develop my thinking on Intellectual Property, rights or benefits due or break down some of  what may not be apparent in real life. For example if I were to look or develop my thinking on Swiss Miss, the cocoa Mix; here is some of what I think may need to be considered:  Mix - source; Cocoa - source; Sugar - source;  Flavorings - source; Design of the package  exterior - source;  Design of the packages interior - source; concept - mixture add hot water or liquid milk (good quality - Omega) or add cold water  or cold milk not necessarily evaporated milk; distribution; special promotions; impact on other like products such as Cadbury chocolate mix, 3 in 1 Coffee mixes, such as Nescafe, Colcafe and other brands or even single packs of coffee without sugar and milk.
  2.  Expand my creativity...
The book is fairly effective in that it allows me to separate my to do's from my thinking and strategizing.
copyright: Jennifer N Bailey

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