Sunday, 27 November 2016

Originally posted on Facebook - Personal Planning Tip November 27, 2016 - 001

At one time in my life my personal planning worked in two ways, financial and strategic.

The financial planning revolved around:
  • Letting my money work for me in an environment where interest rates were to the benefit of the saver;
  • Making as few trips as possible to the bank;
  • Transferring funds to my savings accounts as early as possible and
  • Taking advantage of tax savings.
My strategic planning was based on:
  • Cooking as many meals... or eating as many home cooked meals as possible;
  • Buying from supermarkets to reduce the use of cash during the week
  • Unless those funds came out of my daily allowance which included taxi fares, all of which were taken from my salary;
  • Spending mini vacations locally and with a group so as to reduce the cost of rent, food and have family time and most importantly
  • Going home by 6:00 pm during the week and by five pm on a Fri, so as to treat Fri night into Sat am as my Sabbath if I planned to work on a Sat.
Sun was for washing, cooking, baking, sleeping as at that time I lived in an extended family and those were some of the ways to be considerate of others.

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