Thursday, 3 November 2016

Originally posted on Facebook -Financial Planning Tip November 3, 2015 - 001 Have a splurge fund!

For many persons with all of their planned saving strategies and uses for funds, they may not realise that setting aside funds for fun or for a splurge can become an income generator or money maker!

So, while you are employed, decide how many times of the year you can set aside a little something, be it:
  • in the month when there are four Mondays and after your National Insurance contributions, your pay check is a little bigger or
  • once every quarter if at this time you cannot see yourself sacrificing funds from your goals so frequently as almost every month! 
Either way, decide on an amount and place these funds in a separate account or in an envelope, pray about it for those who need courage and wisdom and decide on the splurge activity!

Will it be used for:
  • A mini ice cream maker to make ice cream for parties or
  • The shop down the road or
  • When your child has "bring a dish" for the school's Christmas party or
  • An extra half yard of fabric from a quilt "recipe" to allow for a creation in time for Christmas or Mother's day or for a raffle?
Any and all of these can become a money maker given time and practice! The question is "are you willing to create another account or to do list or to try something new"

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