Thursday, 17 September 2015

Some things I would do and continue to do going forward!!

Recently I saw a post on changes to the color of the sky over a city  which occurred over a period of weeks. Having not saved the post nor the name of the city, I would hesitate to  go into the details of the change, however in light of my desire to embrace going green some more, here are things that I would like to do:
  1. Have more plants around me! These would be hanging in baskets,  in addition to being kept in containers and growing in the ground.
  2. Grow more of my own food. This would entail growing green figs (bananas), plantains, bananas in the area where I live. Also I would consider growing beans, cucumbers, pumpkins on trellises!.. 
  3. Consider the period for  which I am making decisions. In real terms, this would mean enquiring about options should I acquire a home in a community with shared  or community space. It would also mean looking at the space which is available  and to which I am committing as in the medium to long term, the land which is available around the home would allow for more plants and a different life style. When I saw the gardening options in Cayman Islands, I realised that the supply of green bananas may be possible due to the availability of plants, however to reduce the cost of the investment, I would need land on which  to plant the trees. Think Pastelles and Paimi.See the attached link,
  4. Revisit the activities in which I am engaged... After viewing the blog from which the following extract was taken, I realised that  the activities which are available to support green initiatives offered opportunities for a life style challenge 
  • " We are located at #35 Doubloon Drive in the Bodden Town District. Doubloon Drive is just off Shamrock Drive exit between Beach Bay Road and the Northward (Prison ) Road. Shamroock Drive is the main road to the eastern districts of Bodden Town, North Side and East End. 
  • We are open every Sunday 2-5pm during which time you may tour the Gardens and purchase freshly picked items at our Sunday Green Market. 
  • Also, a Fruit/Produce Tasting Event is held on the first Sunday of each month, 5-6pm. 
  • Come and savour what's in season and learn more about what you are tasting in a eco-friendly agri-tourism setting. 
  • We also attend the Farmers Market at The Grounds in Lower Valley Bodden Town, every Saturday 7am-12 noon."
    Plantation House Garden Tours

    Plantation House Garden Tours

    4. Attend Farmer's Markets and Up Markets. This would allow me to support an industry and events where the development of markets, portable and otherwise would be taking place. While I was introduced to the concept of the Upmarket in Trinidad, I am discovering markets in other places such as the one which is available in Melbourne. Also there is a page of events which makes both the upmarket and the area very appealing as you can see what is happening for the months to come. See the following links:
    The Growing Friends Group holds two public plant sales each year. These are the only opportunities for members of the public to buy rare plants propagated from the Gardens' stock.
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