Thursday, 24 September 2015

Republic Day 2015

In many parishes in Trinidad and Tobago there is a  fair amount of respect for the country in which the parish operates, so much so that when masses are held either on a public holiday or close to one, the national anthem is sung during the mass. This tradition may have arisen from having so many priests function as school teachers during their careers so that the practices of the school come through into the life of the parish. Whatever the reason for or origin of  the practice, this morning on Republic day, it felt good to sing the national anthem.  I had  started the day with a bit of hangover from the day before, after celebrating the feast day of St. Pio so much so that I wanted to be in a state of grace and continue the year in that state. Having the anthem sung during the mass brought about a bit of remembrance of Dr. Eric Williams ( dec'd),  our country's first prime minister who like His Grace Archbishop Anthony Pantin ( dec'd) was another first for me. So much so that I was extremely mellow during mass.  Also being close to the Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home brought about a sense of reverence for both the Archbishop who held the post before Archbishop Pantin as well as his Auxilliary Bishop who laid the cornerstone at St. Finbars RC church'.  While they may have died before I was born, there are so many positive memories of them in persons who I encounter, that I am sorry that I may have overlooked them and their contribution to our society.  And then life returned to normal as I visited the Chapel of St Catherine of Sienna for a brief stay.... Here's to hoping that:
  • A soup kitchen is opened in the area as there are a fair number of older persons who reside within close proximity to the area and this service will be of benefit to them. That we ask for contributions to maintain the kitchen, so as to provide employment to persons in the community and build a life "style" in the parish.
  • We start a meditation area in that location and  in the surrounding areas as this will allow for the maintenance of mellow feelings. If meditation sessions are scheduled at regular intervals, there will be a flow of persons to the areas which will bring about a boost in foot traffic and in mellow feelings!
  • We start yoga sessions so that persons can learn mindfulness and all of the other benefits associated with yoga!
  • We start a mediation area to allow for the learning of new skills for everyone. This too will enhance the skills of both the receiver and the giver!
  • We start saying the national pledge to bring about a sense of continuity of who we were in school into our adulthood.  See the National Pledge below!
  • We document as much as possible on the lives of our priests, so that we keep information that will be soon gone in a state of readiness for the next generation. 

Here is a copy of the pledge, which you can say:

© Jennifer Bailey

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