Tuesday, 15 September 2015



The photos show different spots in the same body of sea/ocean...  While both are taken to capture the color and perspective of the sea, be it the waves in the first one, versus the painting like quality of the second, or the tones in the color indicating movement in the first one, or the painting like quality of the second, both do not reveal either the depth of the sea or the ease of getting into  or out of the water in these areas....
In the midst of the reports of  drownings of so many children, due to accidents with the boats when they were crossing from Syria,  the flooding in Japan brought about by Typhoon Etau and the flooding in Dominica brought about by the passing of Tropical Storm Erika, this is a reminder that it is the same sea that unites us, with the lands separating us,  So perhaps we should take care of it... See links to some of the articles on the topics mentioned above.




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