Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Marketing Tip - 20170426 -001 Expanding Market Share through Offering New Products ( A variation of Anson Product Market Matrix)

I've been looking at the Walmart website and was so happy to see Cornmeal in large sizes at decent prices, lots of cookie mixes for about US$2.00 each and peanut butter specials .... However here is a list of items which I would love to see on the site:

1 Ackee in tins or cans ( Jamaican product ~ can work as a substitute for eggs)

2 Richmond Valley Unsweet...ened Cocoa Powder - Yes Hersheys and Swiss Miss are great, however there is something about Richmond Valley that brings back the memories of the teenage years.

3 Pre Cooked whole or chicken halves. (Some supermarkets in T&T offer halves and quarters at reasonable prices)

4 Condensed milk in large cans ( Rainbow offers a large can of condensed milk with the equivalent of the contents of 3 regular sized cans for about TT$13.50 in select supermarkets)

5 Ethnic Spices and flavourings which are sourced from the Caribbean at Caribbean prices... Think Curry, Saffron, Herbs de Provence (Brands such as Chief, Bees)

6 Solar powered water heaters for small and medium sized homes as a partial alternative to indoor water heaters... These have been available in Barbados since the 1990's and will lower some of those bills... Most of them have been created for use in the Bathroom....

As soon as some more products cross my mind, I will update the post.. Read and enjoy...

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