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Essay - July 2016 - Marketing Artie's Patties


Artie’s Patties is located on the third road on the left on entering Diego Martin and is in close proximity to St. Finbar’s R.C. Church, St. Anthony’s College and several small businesses which are located along the same stretch of roadway. All of these organisations serve approximately several hundred persons within a week.

On the other side of the road, that is the entrance to the street on which Artie’s Patties is located, there are a gas station, a police station (West End Police Station) and two roads with at least three lanes moving in both directions which access Diego Martin proper and Petit Valley.  Over the years, these main roads and highways were expanded and reconfigured to allow residents with and without vehicles better access into and exit out of this general area.

In addition to the aforementioned organisations, there are several multi storey apartment units within a five (5) mile radius of Artie’s Patties, some of which were constructed at least twenty years ago.  Also there are at least twenty (20) housing developments with several apartment units within a twenty five (25) mile radius of the Diego Martin and Petit Valley area. In addition to these there are numerous yachting facilities in the Chaguaramas area.

Outside of these areas, Artie’s Patties are known by party organisers, families with large numbers of children and grandchildren, groceries and road side vendors. (To confirm via marketing survey, and subsequently via survey monkey on FB page).

Strengths and weaknesses

 The brand is known for several products which may be produced internally and or locally. However the new areas of operation may not be known to the public or those who may patronise the store. To confirm via marketing survey and subsequently via survey monkey on FB page).

The new areas of operation appear to be still in the embryo stage and given the nature of the business in which the company operates, assistance may be needed to “market” the company, the products and the lines which are being offered. (To obtain financial information to understand the profitability of the various lines of operation of the business)  

 Compliance with Laws and Legislation – In light of changes over the years in laws and legislation, challenges in the food industry internationally, be it food recalls, the advent of small businesses which are also in the embryo stage of operation, there may be a need to perform the following:

                     i.            Ensure that the company is complaint with the Health and Safety guidelines with respect to handling of food. This area includes:
Ø   Display of goods such as pre made food items and raw produce  which are received from vendors
Ø  Pricing of repackaged dry goods to comply with the VAT Act of Trinidad and Tobago and the Food and Consumer Standards
Ø  Pricing of patties and other meats to comply with the VAT Act of Trinidad and Tobago and the Food and Consumer Standards as to quantities, prices, ingredients, weights, sell by dates, supplier and address of same.
Ø  Drills, Muster Points - Occupational Health & Safety – Food Badges, registers and so forth.

                               ii.            Compliance with other Statutory Requirements, such as the Board of Inland Revenue, National Insurance, Ministry of Health

a.       New Markets and
b.      New Products
c.      CARIRI – Use of testing and findings of the body to support the legitimacy of the goods
d.      Bureau of Standards – ISO Compliance
e.      Information Technology and the benefits to the company such as Linx, Facebook,    Accounting Software, scanners
f.    Documentation of Processes both those that are in use and those that are being developed so that there are savings for the company, retention of knowledge and adoption of best practices.

copyright: Jennifer N Bailey

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