Thursday, 20 August 2015

Different Approaches to Events

Over the last few days, I have been monitoring the weather through various  Facebook posts and access to websites such as the National Hurricane Center Mora Trinidad Weather for various reasons:
1)  There were changes in the color of the water of the Gulf of Paria. The changes were striking in their color variations. Usually the water reflects shades of light green or deep blue or there are some wide streaks of brown when rain falls and water from the nearby river flows into the sea. Over the last few days the water was extremely dark and  there were waves on the surface of the water.
2) The clouds have been  thick, with deep colors which blocked most of the light from coming down to the ground. Thus the earth did not dry up as it usually would after a period of rainfall.
3) There has been a fair amount of rain over the last week into this week. Rain falling consistently  and fairly heavily during the day, with a few stops in between. So much so, that you had to schedule your arrival and departure to take advantage of the stops in the rain which were few and far between.
4) With August being vacation time, almost everyone schedules a trip either by boat or air to Tobago or  to some other destination. Thus monitoring the weather if only to nag someone is a good past time over this period.
 Overall the above conditions would be accepted as normal. After all we are in the rainy season and it is expected that there would be a change in the weather over this period. Most of us would long for rain, so that we are cooler or  we want to plan and change the way we do things over the upcoming period.
Reading about the upcoming weather system;  trying to look into the cloud cover  on the maps to ascertain the density of the clouds; the spread of the cloud cover over the lines of longitude and latitude, the projections  of the path  of the system over 12 hours or 24 hours based on the wind speed allowed me to keep calm.
Reading online via the newspapers that the various islands which were in the projected path were publishing  updates on the system  even though the system had not reached the Caribbean and as of last night that  a Hunter aircraft  from the NOAA would be arriving in  Barbados I was calmer.
After all we were dealing with uncertainties, with estimates of the dates when the storm could become a Hurricane and the category in which it was rated  was based on the strength of and changes in the moisture in the air, with projections based on probabilities of events of the future.
This morning when I woke up to discover that there are two new systems in the  existence, I can start worrying. Worrying about those who sleep out doors for whatever reason.  Wondering how have they been dealing with rain soaked pavements and grassy areas, with cardboard boxes that may have gotten soaked through and needed to be discarded, with the possibility of rain and wind continuing to beat down or blow in on them over the next few days. We have few shelters for those who do not have permanent homes and there are even fewer persons  who will be outside to give them something to drink or eat. With the advent of a hurricane, things will be so much worse for them.

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