Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Becoming Web Savier

Over the years I have learnt many things over the Internet such as:

  • The joy of You Tube and the many spaces to which music can be shared
  • The many ways an article can be shared on Facebook
  • The ease of setting up email accounts

For this learning to occur, I had to set aside time and work consistently at activities. So much so that I set aside at least three hours a night one week to learn to use Facebook. Over time I learnt how to:

  • Upload albums
  • Add friends, or follow places and people of interest, get notifications
  • Post articles and or links to articles
  • Develop a public self which dealt with disclosure of interests and likes
  • Perform a bit of research and development into:
  • These areas would alllow for continuous access to information on:
    • Geographical locations where funding was taking place, 
    • Projects which were  being funded and the duration of the projects
    • Expectations and the communication of updates to the public
However until recently there were things which I longed to do, such as express my creative side in the form of creation of posters, quotes and sayings and including copyright images which I had taken over the years.
Learning this skill  and so much more became a reality when I was  exposed  to a website which provided free  access to design, layouts and much more, titled "Canva" See the following link to the site  https://www.canva.com/.

Best of all there are:
  1. Job positions. These positions highlight the company's culture such as "Every day we help users get the most out of Canva. Our goal is to bring a bit of happiness to everyone’s day by being positive, upbeat and most importantly, helpful. Our satisfaction rate hovers around 95%, and we pride ourselves on getting back to people quickly." 
  2. Geographic locations. The geographic locations provide details on either the geograhical areas where work is available or from where the positions will be filled. These are listed as either Manila or Sydney.
  3. The positioning of the company in the markets which they are servicing. This area is outlined in the position for the "Content Marketing Specialist. As part of a world-class content marketing strategy, Canva recently launched its Design School: a design blog, workshop series and teacher resource hub designed to increase the world’s visual literacy. Right now, Design School is one of the fastest growing design publications on the web."
For more information on the postings see the  link  https://about.canva.com/careers/#current-jobs . I will leave you to explore the site and its offerings as I am still learning the how to's.  Enjoy!!!!

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