Sunday, 18 August 2013

Certificate in Financial Planning - Module 1

Module 1 of the Certificate in Financial Planning (Financial Planning Fundamentals) has come to a close for me!.

How was it?  It was a good experience overall....

The purpose of the course was to get me back into a mindset of studying at the tertiary level which I felt that I needed and this happened. Also my lecturer lived up to the excellent start that she opened with. Her technique was consistently good  throughout the course, and what I enjoyed about this module was the opportunity to learn.

Yes the computations were good, challenging at times, however the information on the Canadian system of Pensions and personal planning which is encouraged, took the course to the next level for me.

On the other hand  the reality of life stepped in and I got ill during this period which impacted on my attendance at class and the results of the second set of quizzes which we sat were also affected.

However I got a  good enough grade on my final score which makes me look forward to the next course. September here I come!

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