Sunday, 21 July 2013

1st Module - Marketing - MBA Heriot Watt

I must admit I was daunted by the sheer volume of reading material which I was to cover in the Marketing book of the MBA - Heriot Watt programme, then I saw the class schedule and realised that there were at least two chapters to be read for each class and I was even more daunted. However after the first class where there was a lot of interaction, exercises which allowed for your experience to come through and for you to go along with the class if you were introverted, as well as the explanations and guidance offered by the lecturer from start to finish, I got back  to being excited over this module.
I have to admit the lecturer is extremely good, she has explained about the structure of the exams, has walked us through templates of the models which we are expected to use in exam questions, discussed exam planning and ways to earn marks and most of all, allowed us thinking time in class. The thinking time in class came early on that Monday evening,  after introductions by the attendees where we covered our experience and background and we realised that there was such a variety of experience and knowledge there, with most persons having some form of practical work experience as well as the technical knowledge in an unrelated field.
In short I am happy that I selected this course as a starter as I like the strategic element which is introduced up front.  I am reading the text lightheartedly for my class on Monday, even though there are two chapters which I have to catch up reading through, having been ill from since last Sunday and missing a lot of work. I am not worried, if I have time to spare, I will read up on some of the companies mentioned in the Case studies which form part of the chapters and which are current and real life and if I start to obsess, I will find the names of the companies on Facebook and add them to my page as a shortcut to finding out about them in real time.

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