Thursday, 7 April 2016

Divine Mercy Sunday in the Jubilee Year of Mercy -2016 April, 3rd

Visited the city of San Fernando via Claxton Bay!  In Claxton Bay, the road is located close to the sea shore, so that at several points along the road, one can look out and see the waves touching the shore gently as the sun rises or sets in the background. 
San Fernando, on the other hand is a city of hills, slopes and beautiful views of the sea in the distance. It is also a city of renovations in progress as seen in the Carnegie Free Library and other buildings which show restoration in progress.
There are businesses which attract cash via attractive prices and which compete with one another because of the products and markets which they serve, such as Wendy's, Royal Castle and KFC. 
These three fast food restaurants have been placed in close proximity to one another either by accident or because of the choice or preference of floor space or their proximity to Library Corner, the taxi stands and the nearby supermarket. After all, a Library will serve so many patrons, a supermarket so many and other businesses so many... 
Given that Wendy's entry into the Trinidad and Tobago fast food market was fairly recent, while Royal Castle is a local brand, having been founded in 1968 according to Wikipedia, it is possible that in San Fernando, that branch of Royal Castle was opened earlier than the other restaurants, hence their location was deliberately chosen.
With Library Corner being the centre to taxi stands  which serve various outlying areas such as Fyzabad, Marabella, there may be a need to soften and or blend the cultures and the peoples who inhabit the space to allow for more than survival and perhaps that is what was intended with the placement of these three fast food outlets!
© Jennifer Bailey

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