Sunday, 28 February 2016

Learning and Developing

In my early career, some of the companies  for which we  did work, utilised as part of their system of documentation a combination of Software, printed reports and manually prepared registers. This was the start of a love affair for me as  I started learning all about the types of errors which can be made in accounting (when I was in school) such as:

Errors Which do not Affect the Trial Balance
Accounting errors that do not affect the trial balance fall into one of six categories as follows:
  1. Error of Principle in Accounting
  2. Errors of Omission in Accounting
  3. Error of Commission
  4. Compensating Error
  5. Error of Original Entry
  6. Complete Reversal of Entries
(See the link for more information on this concept if you are interested.
Going forward in  time I learnt about using spreadsheets to capture information, to use them as a replacement for the 7 column page or the 14 column page  to which I had been accustomed using in work to capture information on tests. These sheets were specially designed to create conformity of work papers in one industry  which was located in many countries which had a common bond in thinking and knowledge.  There was to be conformity of design to promote comprehension of concepts, collaboration as to best practice and  growth and development of persons. This was the essence on which the spreadsheets were built. Yes, there was knowledge which was specialized, however due to learning and a supportive background which was in place,  there was the potential  to work with clients whose area of operation allowed those companies to  operate either vertically or horizontally to support other companies'  operating activity.
Then one day my learning and use of spreadsheets expanded as I was exposed to the use of spreadsheets to capture another type of information, which could be used to create multiple reports on data,  without creating a single graph, or bar chart. Yes, Excel has that capability also. Since then, most of the knowledge which I have gained over the years on data, the storage of data, has fed into the possible uses of spreadsheets and what can be gained from their use. While my knowledge is limited in lots of ways as there are many areas of learning which I have not pursued, such as programming which can provide knowledge of running queries on data; or learning to design the style of screens or how to source information within a programme to generate  reports, I can bypass those steps in  the design of software and capture the information well enough to allow for comparative purposes which suits me right about now!
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