Friday, 10 July 2015

Rethinking Things

It all started when I went on vacation and I decided to become a breakfast person, in that I would make breakfast of some sort and create a ritual of having cooked items for breakfast. Now I know that is the norm in many parts of the world, where rice with a fried egg or oats with scrambled or easy over eggs form the basis of breakfast, however I was a three drinks person for breakfast.  The drinks  were  orange juice from a can, a liquid meal replacement from a pack and at least two glasses of water.  That combination at 8:00 a.m was my good to go  breakfast and I would be satisfied until 10:00 a.m. In rethinking my breakfast habit, I knew that whatever I made would  have to be easy to prepare, something that could be used in different ways and something that I could stick with. As luck would have it, I decided to search the internet for inspiration and lo and behold I came across recipes for pancakes.
I knew pancakes were easy to make, having seen others produce them weekly, however mine had to come out consistently good and be enticing enough to  have persons willing to eat them daily for a period and I had to commit to having them ready at a certain time every day. This was not an easy feat when your wake up time and mood varies with the weather in that if rain is falling, you would stay in bed for as long as possible and we were entering the rainy season so there might be many of those days in the period to come...
I decided on a Martha Stewart recipe for pancakes since I was a secret Martha Stewart fan, having looked at her many endeavours which looked effortless!  Over time  and with a few adjustments to the Martha  Stewart recipe to take account of dietary preferences, the accompanying topping and  the number of persons partaking of the meal  I have: doubled the recipe, while reducing the amount of sugar and the salt, made a change to the type of milk from an evaporated milk to an omega milk so that  there would be  other health benefits and added a flavouring ingredient, such as cinnamon almost always to the mixture.
With respect to timing and preparation, I have prepared the mixture from the night before and stored it in the fridge so that I would have an early start at any time in the day, made it on the spot for breakfast, sometimes for dinner as well and right now it has stood up to  being eaten  quite frequently for close to three months with breaks for other meals like bowls of lentil peas and pumpkin or split peas soup.
Maybe it is the cessation of the mangoes on the tree hanging over our yard or the absence of silk figs from the trees that I am open to rethinking my obsession with pancakes at this time.  Of course since I discovered a  savings plan (Golden Harvest) with a local credit union, I may be inclined to stay with the pancakes or shift my consumption to more peas and beans, after all low carb is in!!!
See the links below for the pancake recipe and for the link to some of the  Credit Unions which exist in our country.

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