Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 has been unlike many that I have participated in  and experienced over the last few years, yet there have been similairities to Christmases of the past. However I will hoghligh what I did differently this year in the following paragrapghs:

Listen to music. Over the weeks leading up to Christmas, there was a lot of activity which was not of the season and I made a choice to listen to Christmas music just to part of the season.  There were lots of songs  available on youtube, some with the lyrics of the songs, some with videos,  and I listended to music while I worked especially on weekends.  Here were some of the top choices:
Take it easy and try to determine what you are going to use your time on now and in the future:  This is one of the hardest ones to deal with as this one ranges from:

  • How to be present in a place where you have been absent for most of the year. This one was fairly easy, just be present and particpate in an activity such as cleaning up or decorating.
  • How to be present to persons with whom you have lost contact either deliberately or through things you have committed to that they have not been a part of. This one can be solved in get together, "play games" either card or board. You may learn that you want to commit to  getting together and learning more than you know. This becomes apparent when  are dealing with children.  :)
  • How to be better to you and treat yourself better, Either treat yourself to things that you have not been able to experience either because you have committed to things elsewhere or overcommitted, or plan activities which you would like to participate in.This process was initiated with  going to a movie... "Best Man Christmas". 

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