Monday, 7 October 2013

Some rules to think about in life - I

Many things happen in life, there are those that you understand through intellect, experience, wisdom, those that you accept and those that you just deal with, either through prayer, gritted teeth or a smile or a laugh. However there are rules or things that persons consider or examine which gets them through all of the above times. At this time in my life, here are some that I think that are important.

  1. Try to see the big picture. Sometimes what you see, may not be the whole picture, sometimes you have to trust your instinct and sometimes you have to care enough about the other person or persons and  that is what spares you to see another day. There is a concept of "grace", which can be obtained from attending funerals with some form of reverance, some form of caring and this is one of the fundamentals of most religions. There are times when you may not attend the funeral for the grace which you will get, but for the feeling which you had for the person,  in recognition for all the good which the person did, for all of the times when they showed up and helped at an event when help was needed.
  2. Try to see one step further. When you feel like giving up, try to see one step further, hard as it may be to see in any direction under the current circumstances.  Every so often, stop and instead of staying where you are, try to look at things from another angle, try to see how to move whatever it is one step further. It may take days of trying, but once you understand that you have to go forward and in tough times, having a strategy may help you to learn something other than getting the job done. 
  3. Celebrate the future in the present. Tonight I listened to Mary J Blige's Have yourself A  Merry Little Christmas on the Music Speakeasy section of the Wall Street Journal website and I realised that I needed to start celebrating Christmas all now, as I may miss out on a big part of  he celebration if I wait until Christmas. I do not know what Christmas will be like, however I can start celebrating now. See the link for access to the  pre release which is located on the right side of the page.

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