Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hotels of the Caribbean - Nevis

In going through Facebook (FB) pages while trying to get my mind into gear for studing for 2 quizzes which I had to sit as part of my CFP course 1 ( Certificate in Financial Planning)  I started looking at hotels which had Facebook pages. Some of the easier ones to find were discovered through links to other resorts on the island  or were  identified from links to the island page from wiki, while some I discovered through the tourism pages on FB. Here goes some of my finds from FB and some which I found through the web.
Nisbet Plantations

After listening to you, our guests, we're adding a second casual dinner night. Tonight is our new Saturday Surf & Turf dinner at Coconuts at Nisbet Plantation, Nevis

Did you know? The orchid collection at the Nevis Botanical Gardens is one of the largest in the Caribbean.

It's the 30th of the month. Time for our St. Kitts-Nevis Anniversary giveaways - $3 signature cocktail at Sea Breeze, free bottle of wine for the 30th guest at the Great House, and a free 30-minute mood-enhancing massage to a lucky guest!

historic St. John's Figtree Church

Save the date and start training! The annual Nevis Triathlon (#21 on our 101 Things to Do list) will be Saturday, November 30, 2013:

 To protect our island home and celebrate love, we began a palm planting program in 2008. 

ruins at the entrance to Nisbet Plantation, Nevis. Learn more about our history here:

We're not sure, but we do know there are dramatic views of the Caribbean and neighboring St. Kitts when you tee off on Nevis at the 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Jr. Golf Course. 

Children from one of the schools which was adopted by Nisbet Plantations

Nevis - St. Kitts Cross-Channel:  Oualie Beach on Nevis to Cockleshell Beach on St. Kitts

Fanny Nisbet’s plaque in the original oven for the Great House

Four Seasons 

The website for the Four Seasons is quit stunning, however the photos are not easily shared. I have thus provided the link. : 



Golden Rock:  


Click to enlarge image c_house.jpg

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