Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I've been reading: Dan Brown's Inferno

I've been reading Dan Brown's Inferno over the last three nights using my computer as a reading device. Yes, it was released on May 18th, 2013, the purchase price was close to US$19.00 which puts it into the price range of  purchasing a hard cover book in the book store. However using the online purchase of the book "soft copy", I do not have to worry about adding to the clutter nor dealing with  "feeling the need" to donate the book  for  a book sale.
The content of the book was good on several levels. Firstly, on seeing the cover,  there was the mental link to a game I played while I was on vacation last year, which was a bit foolish and unpredictable but it was fun....   Just  the memory of the foolish, elated feeling was worthwhile at this time.
Secondly there  was the plot, the characters, the background. I was not looking for a plot which provided the greatest mental stimulation or the most perplexing puzzle as at this time most things can be deduced and  sometimes not figuring out  the plot can allow you to read and enjoy the book. The characters were a bit real life, probably as good as watching  the TV series  "Scandal".
My educational background is not art based, nor art history based nor university based nor anything literary in nature, nor anything requiring memorising as the closest I have come to studying any of the above was in Form 2 of secondary school when we we required to learn some aspects of art. Also I am not likely to travel the world searching for the accuracy of the content so there will be no critical feedback here on that aspect of the book. There was sufficient information  on the background to keep my mind stimulated and after googling a few of the references, I realised that I wanted to learn more about the places and I would need to research the information used, just for the sheer willingness to learn.  So in short, I would recommend purchasing the book if you are willing to ignore the story to learn about different places and if  you are inclined to learn about things that so many persons who are educated in a different way can speak about, then the purchase of the book is a worthwhile investment.  However I did enjoy the story just because it was fun to read.

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